Connor Property Group Sues Former Resident

MARCH 20, 2014

“Former Resident Slapped with $1 Million Defamation Lawsuit by Property Management Firm”

Jon Lowder, Piedmont Triad Apartment Association

There’s a property management firm in Ohio that’s decided to get aggressive with a former resident who made negative comments online. Real aggressive.

A Central Ohio man is being sued for around $1,000,000, after posting comments online about living in an apartment complex. James Raney tells ABC 6/FOX 28 he was your average unhappy customer. He says some of his former apartment’s policies didn’t sit well with him. When he voiced his opinions online, he was slapped with a big lawsuit…

The suit accuses Raney of giving out false information and trying to hurt the company’s bottom dollar. The Connor Group gave ABC 6/FOX 28 a statement reading in part: “We think it’s our responsibility to accept factual criticism and act on it. But when that criticism is untrue, malicious and defamatory, that crosses the line. In those cases, we’re always going to stand up for ourselves.”

The lawsuit asks for $25,000 for each of the dozens of statements Raney posted. Statements he says were posted a couple years ago. His lawyer says the whole thing is just an attempt to put a cap on how much the public can criticize a company.



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